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Latest Release

Iron Cop

Upstate New York Society wife Samantha Chadwick Thorne barely has time to process her husband’s murder—and the threat to her own life—before she’s forced on the run. Dodging bullets and taking orders from an arrogant detective, who dislikes her on sight, is her version of hell on Earth. Why does she need a bodyguard, anyway? She has a secret weapon that will keep her alive—one that she can’ t even reveal to the infuriating, sexy cop. Read more…

He’s torn between protecting her, loving her, and strangling her.

About Me

Sally Booth

A country girl at heart and the second of four children, I grew up on a small farm in upstate New York. Working my way through college, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education and a Master’s Degree in Advanced Classroom Teaching. I taught at Mayfield Central School all but one year of my teaching career. Read more…